Hello! Random Mutterings about our life...

Daniel's Cooking!

Daniel has acquired an interest in cooking. Various things have been attemped recently. I'm going to keep track of them here! From the fantastic to the flipping revolting.

Daniel has an interesting taste in food. Favourite's being anything Japanese, sushi, lobster, snails, all sorts of unusual. He's not a huge fan of chips; and doesn't like sandwiches (unless they contain Nutella). Not a huge fan of crisps or sweets. Daniel loves chocolate. Particularly Lindt Golf Balls and Munchies!

Asian Pork Belly

Daniel saw this being made on Saturday Kitchen. Sadly the only lump of Pork Belly the butcher in Sainsbury's could find had all it's fat and rind. No problem for Daddy Riddle who neatly sliced it off and Daniel happily spiced it up and made Pork Scratchings! 

The Pork Scratchings were good - but mainly fed to the birds (no one really needs to eat them).

The Asian Pork Belly was delicious. We had it on Sunday evening with rice and vegetables.

Cucumber Sauce

Daniel loves cucumber. He also loves tomato ketchup. He hates tomatoes. Daniel decided that what was needed in life is a Cucumber Sauce. Quite simple to make really. Totally revolting in reality. 

Last edited: Monday, 12 June 2017