(unless you are a narcissistic, ill-mannered shouty person)


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I do like a poem!

“Fuck the nosey neighbours”

They shouted at one o’clock today

3 times was repeated loudly

Before cycling off so proudly

Were they skiving, sick or inset day?


NB. this didn't happen today.

Now that was quick!

Funny! As said before, analytics tag and record: device, screen size, location, IP, platform, provider etc. And with 3 different sets of analytics doing our recording, we don't miss much.

You couldn't make it up...


Birthdays & Revision

It's official. May is a rubbish month to have a birthday. Every year it is a struggle to enjoy Daniel's birthday celebrations properly AND revise for exams a few weeks later. Neither feels like they get enough attention. Sadly, he's got years more of this to come!

Revision birthday

How revolting!!!

Just testing... there's nothing happening here. YET!