Hello... welcome to the world of Daniel Riddle - age 8


This is mainly all about me (Daniel Riddle - age: 8). Why not read Daniel's Blog... there's lots about school and homework (and other interesting stuff), and my love of all things Lego! We also do some amusing Lego e-cards...

This is also the page where mummy practices her html and other stuff (so please ignore anything after the floaty R at the bottom!).






School fundraising donations for Twickenham Preparatory School...


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New yellow r very small

My New Responsive Timetable!

Time 8.30am 8.50am 9.15am 9.55am 10.35am 11.15am 11.40am 12.20pm 1.00pm 2.00pm 2.40pm 3.20pm Homework
TUTOR Assembly Art Art Break Lunch
TUTOR Assembly Maths Break PE Lunch Science
TUTOR Assembly Break Lunch
TUTOR Assembly English Break Lunch TUTOR Games
TUTOR Assembly English Break Lunch Games Games Games

Last edited: Tuesday, 23 September 2014