Hello... welcome to the world of Daniel Riddle - age 7



This is mainly all about Daniel Riddle (age: nearly 8). Why not read Daniel's Blog... there's lots about school and homework (and other interesting stuff), and our love of all things Lego! We also do some amusing (in Daniel's opinion!) Lego e-cards...

It is also (due to the fact that Daniel wants his own PRIVATE Blog in the future), going to be Mummys interpretation of everything (so therefore perhaps a bit of mummy stuff might slip in too!). With Daniel's approval obviously.

Is your surname Riddle?

Daniel is also looking for all the people in the world with the surname Riddle. Can you help? It will help him learn all about different countries and nationalities. Daniel is not yet 8 years old, so please be nice and polite! He would love young Riddles to get in contact. You can contact us though our Guestbook - you don't have to leave your e-mail details (unless you'd like a reply). Please get in touch.

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