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This is mainly all about me (Daniel Riddle - age: 8). Why not read Daniel's Blog... there's lots about school and homework (and other interesting stuff), and my love of all things Lego! We also do some amusing Lego e-cards...

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Imperial War Museum

Ohhh.... mummy had a day to herself... to do tidying up, cleaning and go to the dentist. Daniel and Daddy went to the newly re-opened Imperial War Museum and apparently had a marvellous time... Daniel described it as awesome!

Imperial War Museum

Then it was off to ITSU for a late lunch followed by Harrods for a Lego kit. All days off involving Daddy and London follow the same format. Visit something (eg. Imperial War Museum, Science Museum, Natural History Museum etc), have lunch at ITSU and then visit Harrods - Daniel loves it!

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